3 Quotes/3 Day Mr Rupley Challenge… (A very late) Day Two!

So, Mr Rupley’s challenge is slightly late, and I’m really sorry… But, I promise I will make it up to you all… So, to do that, and because I know Mr. Rupley will appreciate this… First I will give you a quote, and my nominations and then I will share with you all the secret truths of the life of Rupley. A man who is an amazing movie star, which the world is unaware of! So first, a quote…

A beautiful and truly amazing quote about how precious life really is (from Carl Sagan)! The world is perfect! We are all connected in ways we cannot possibly comprehend. Humanity is too young, but oneday everything will make sense, and in ways that will make the pettiness of the world look completely irrelevant.   

Now, my nominations:

  1. Murrsma of the cracked crone. A truly wonderful and beautiful poet!
  2. The very wonderful BusyMindThinking, a fantastic mind and blog!
  3. The newly discovered and wonderful GenuinelyEllie of t0bec0nsidered


But now, because I know how you have all been waiting for this… The secret life of Mr. Rupley!


5 thoughts on “3 Quotes/3 Day Mr Rupley Challenge… (A very late) Day Two!

Add yours

  1. I have to tell you how deeply moved I am with your kind words. Thank you for touching my heart with your writings and now this. I love the quote you included! I will admit ignorance that I may gain knowledge; I have no idea what to do to participate in the challenge. Blushy grin.

    1. Ah, sorry that is my fault. I just realised I didn’t explain what to do. 3 quotes over 3 days with 3 nominations… I think that’s right anyway 😧 I hope you’re having a great day.

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