Euphony to Grieving

Intricate melody
bore sanctity and treason-
listless shivers- fractured prisms-
schism lovers and
drama’s father-
to be that centrepiece-
flickering by candle light
her sweet cacophony
lost its human constancy-
enveloped within
our predetermined
we borrowed each letter owed-
c’est cela l’amour-
tout donner- tout sacrifier
sans espoir de retour-

where regret was
your face to all my words-
borrowed and stolen-
I bathed- locked
to that sweet
winter songbirds-
remembering the name
of those faint notes again-
no path
back to Eden-

*“That is affection, to dole out everything, to sacrifice everything, without the smallest longing to receive anything consequently.” ~ Albert Camus


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