Frosted Tribulations (with Murrsma)

Platitudes came disguised,
Wrapped neatly up
In glittered trappings,
A not so subtle attempt
At repurposing stale fare.
It came with the season,
Regressed to a state of fruition,
In trappings blackened
In the harsh blast of winter,
Lovers of frozen care.
Fear wore a cloak of pride,
Frosted panes of doubt,
Concealing jagged cracks and scars.
Trophies left behind
By lies cold bite.
Was there ever a reason
As frigid as this?
Distinguished humiliation trained
Behind those soft eyes,
Locked in undetermined words.

Desire had fed the embers
Of unwarranted expectations,
Only to be doused by disappointment,
And the once warm pulse of want
Was stilled in icy veins.


© Murrsm & Phen Weston 2015

This is a collaboration with the wonderfully talented Murrsm, who is a wonderful poet and a soul of the kindest kind. if you dont already read her work, why now?! I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.


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