Constructed Individuality (With Christopher Rupley)

Under the weight of
a thousand withering suns
blistering before they break,
desperately vying to become
the crepuscular black holes
we foresaw,
bringing us
shallow matter filled
with elements,
and filthy
mortal quarks we
built them upon,

Immortality draped
herself in whore’s regard,
playing games of republic draws
against democratic lows,
giving us gimmicks
dressed in lust and lists
duplicated in oh-so-many forked displays,
rancid dominion across
each face,
swallowed by the night,
discovered and disgraced,
until we gave up our fight
to march in those
“mind-forged manacles” again.*

*Blake, W., (1794) ‘London’ Songs of Innocence and Experience.


© Christopher Rupley & Phen Weston 2015


(This is another collaborative poem between Christopher Rupley and myself. Christopher is great poet with a mind worth exploring, make sure to check him out.)


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