For years, like so many young people in the U.K. I “didn’t do politics”.

For years, like so many others, I remained silent as those we entrust to protect and guide us, those who claim to “have our best interests at heart”, methodically strip our country back to a new dark age. What becomes more evident each day is that these people want nothing more than to increase their own wealth, with little regard for what is best for the U.K.

It’s easy to remain quiet in a world that seems overwhelming and unresponsive to the needs of those who are not in power. I have said, like so many others, that a vote, an opinion, our voice don’t make a difference. That our voices are too small to be heard, and when it really counts, are largely ignored, or criticised. Then in my quiet market town, where very little happens, I saw this…


Julian Langer, an eclectic bohemian singer/songwriter and one man band from North Devon, has a voice commanding to be heard (click here for more info on Julian). In an article for Pearshaped Magazine, journalist Nickie Shobeiry wrote, “His approach to his art is a unique one, blending with his love of philosophy.” Now Julian is using his voice to speak out about a decision that was made last night by David Cameron and MPs (including my local MP, Peter Heaton-Jones), as they overwhelmingly backed airstrikes in Syria, 397 votes to 223. A decision that was made without the say of us, the citizens of the U.K.

It seems that each day the United Kingdom is becoming less and less united. We were once the world, and although in reality that claim is far from being as heroic as it sounds, we have a fair amount of blood on our hands, and forgiveness that still may need to be sought; but, we have stood our ground and unanimously said ‘No’ when tyranny crawled across the lands, seeking to destroy the soul of our species.

Julian stands today in the cold, muggy British weather in this tradition, to remind those around us that remaining silent is the bigger issue. It’s easy to keep quiet and pretend that the problems we are facing are nothing to do with us. After all, we live in a quiet English town, and none of this really affects our everyday lives. But, that is a happy lie we tell ourselves to alleviate the guilt that creeps between the strands of our thoughts when we read such headlines as “One in Five Muslims Support ISIS”. The truth is that we are one species that allows petty differences, and the greed of those we trust, to destroy us. It is a cancer that eats away at us, and we pretend isn’t really there. If we don’t face the truth, we don’t have to worry, right?

But what is that bringing us? The situation in the Middle East is delicate, and thanks to ‘The-Powers-That-Be’, it has become a sustainable ground for “A War on Terrorism” – a war that is not meant to be won. It’s a profit minefield for those who make their money on blood and oil. As Julian puts it, “Our MP voted to murder Brown people for oil and money”.

I have a voice through this blog and the various social media accounts that I use, and until now, I have only chosen to use it for certain things. As those who follow me know, poetry is my voice. Words come easily at times, not so much during others, but sometimes, a voice needs to be used for more.

Today, Julian helped me realise that our voices do matter. Especially if we want the world to be a better place for those around us, and for those generations that we hope will follow. Silence perpetuates a situation that only causes more bloodshed. In the words of Ghandi, “There is no path to peace. Peace is the path”… and in the words of a nation this morning, “NOT IN MY NAME!”



7 thoughts on “NOT IN MY NAME!

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    1. Thank you Callum, that means a lot. I am always unsure when voicing opinions on delicate situations. But eventually, enough is enough. Our words are what define us, and therefore, must be used for such, or we are being untrue to them and ourselves.

      1. I completely agree, and I’m hoping it is something I will be able to remember from now on. It’s easy to remain silent, but that just perpetuate the problem. Our voices matter 🙂

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