I wanted to hold

The following truths

In fascination to the end,

That all there was became

The shy deliverance of night

Against the back drop

Of ever after in the present,

And alcohol stained

Those hidden objects,

The company we kept in shade,

Can’t we run away together?

Locking home where we stay

Until life begins again.

And I’ll carry on drinking,

And my head keeps swimming.

Reaching for those moments of peace,

The vows of longing,

Our human belonging,

The interruption of today,

And can I go through with each way

That we share in secret decisions?

On three deep breaths

That change the station

Of romance in humbled stray,

The undisclosed reason,

Confusion renewed by season.

Underground, surreptitious,

In the distance the Cat sings

Of Troubles locked in time,

Have I seen your face?

Where no one knows grace,

love exists as everything we have,

Those moments we gave

In spring and autumn,

Legendary laments of life,

Wrinkled and raw,

In human adore,

The coffin claimed 

Us all.

And I wait for you there,

Beyond all despair,

Standing in life’s enthral…



Poem © Phen Weston 2015


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