The Outsider (With Christopher Rupley)

Unknown eyes enter the camp,

in which judgment lives

without hesitation,

and the unwritten law

that so beautifully describes

the absurdity of belief

will linger a long while,

far beyond this sinner’s stoning,

and will magnificently

hollow out the minds of all

future generations therein,

making sure to fill what potential

there was with constant bickering,

clashing egos,

and a false sense of



Another tale of beggars and tramps

verdicts accumulated on the edge of knives

lost in expectation.

No king, nor

concubine could transcribe

the wind that carries truth like a leaf.

Lingering a long while,

emotions misfire through honing,


lost between those who stall

the next, feign

goodwill and trust existential,

as the candle is dangerously flickering.


Where do we go,

with our labours of love,

on our cosmic trip?


Phen Weston and Christopher Rupley 2015


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