I Fled From You

I fled from you

Along paths that pass

The thicket wooden hearts

Of our forged chasse.

I planted every seeds

To grow such a forest, thick

To hold your memory,

A rich green deceiving trick,

The crossing deflection

Of each subtle lie I could not control,

Substantial rains drown truth,

Bonded droplets that saturate

The Frankenstein invisibility of our dreams,

Heavy in emotions blend,

“The finer whiskey of the heart”

You claim in tears so tender.


How could there be a way back

From the ghost of you? Rupturing

Into every aspect of existence,

The filler that I cannot lose

And the hold I cannot shake.

I look back at all those times anew,

Remembering the tranquil melody

That followed suit to fracture

Between the leaves surrounding us,

Each note, the seraphim against

The beating trip of resting couplets.

Natural repression staged

For those too lost to see our beauty.

And I feign the hatred for you now,

At rest in knowing it all died at the roots

Long before betrayal rested

Her head upon our intimacy.


Poem © Phen Weston 2015

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