I Am Alone Here Now… (Revisited, 2nd March 2014)

I walked along the beach

in the rain; the one we walked

hand-in-hand so many times;

Where we once planned

to steal a boat, Making love

for eternity aboard.


The waves crashed so gently

On those warm April nights.

Washing away our sins,

A baptism lapping our feet,

Cleansing us of our past


Relationships. The coating

that blotch and blur the lines

of what we had and had not.

Sultry stains of sands

Scattered across infinity.


We walked so far together

That nowhere is without you.

Yet, all is without you now.

Haunting every place I run,

And if it’s not a memory

It’s you! And how you’ve moved on.

Immersing me in your endless hold.

The endless embrace that echoes

Your emptiness for me.


The world echoes your ghost.

Life echoes your ghost.

The shadowed shores of our

shared experience dance

across my cosmos.



I am alone here now,

And you’re still there.

Poem © Phen Weston 2014


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