Destiny’s Inevitability

By Christopher Rupley and Phen Weston

and Jericho’s walls
plunged with malevolent
the dry beds of Jordan,
in spent hours he stormed
the Neolithic sands,
gripped to tribes and exodus,
revelations painted
the spiraling word,
evoked assurances
locked in dishonest antagonism,
the fallen sinner
buried his soul,

And the gnashing of teeth,
and tumultuous cries heard
from the eastern camp at
Gilgal only sent fear further
into the hearts of
those opposing Him,
whose memory resides in
unblemished and unchanging,
and the twelve stones,
the monument to a predestined
sit without striation,
freed from the entropy of time.

Are we lost
in the wilderness?

Seconds spinning serpents
between Horeb and Moab,
and the shepherd
shared his breath and gave
thee to the stagnant
emotions beyond their strength,
capacity recharged,
in exhortation to obedience.

The fallen state
preoccupied by an inability
to understand.

Divinity is sheep
and shepherd,
kin to the universe,
kin to kings…

(This is a collaboration between myself, and the fantastic poet, and my great friend, Christopher Rupley. Be sure to check out his blog here)


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