Figuratively Earth

Gentle passion cooed
between magenta and divinity,
neon tranquility
flooding over horizontal religion,

Along violet horizons, our path
grew, she walked into the wild
city, by barren nature,
with barren mind,

Strong touch slept
in singularity of night,
ships eclipsed
by elliptic lilac sight,

While on the bus
semi-liquid children laughed
in audible indulgence
to mulberry yesterday,

Their amethyst daydream,
the now and then,
passable elastic to the ancient
city and bamboo stems,

Of all the tender garths,
do I occupy this heart?
Calling softly with lavender emotions,
to another distant day,
each archaic taught, new astray.


Poem © Phen Weston, 2015


11 thoughts on “Figuratively Earth

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  1. Got a nice theme running through that one, like the write

    Black hues and whitened flare
    A strike of blue in a sky of grey
    A yellow bolt of energy pure
    Turns my deadened pale a brighter glare
    As violet blooms frame my grave
    Mourners in blackened hues
    Skin a shade of whitened fade
    As with translucent rain
    The day overcasts with saddened shades

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