Overconsumption inhales (Revisited, 29th June 2014)

Today the words deny beauty, the
World stunted feverishly hangs in
The debauchery of self pitying twists
That calmly indulge subservient vices without
A care for the barer, who am
I to care of such things when life is
A cruel mistress, fallacy, falsify.
Degeneracy out of turn worms between
The creases of the corpse brain I
Claim knows anything, it’s all lies defiled,
Eaten by the flies. I lovingly submit to
Her taste, sour, bitter, I embrace the
Darkness post-haste, perversion.
She gets under my skin, a bag of bones,
Though self rape isn’t as painful as
The intemperance suggests, overconsumption
Of “who am I” gave way to
Feelings that I was actually someone,
Overconsumption of the
Self made the darkness drown in morality,
Turpitude cries the cold rain
Today, good morning to the fucked! Iniquity!
Principles were never base, maybe that’s
The place I should have laced, payed.
Laid my head down to rest that final time,
Grotesque beauty I sealed
Within these walls crawls again, scratching
Away at my inner lining ’till nails
Rip from their casing, embedded in my misery,
And who will see?

You see!
Staring back at me. As words are
written they evaporate within your smile,
The light floods back through my
Window and denial succumbs to
Your allure, healing combination, allure
Awakens grandeur, artistry whirls love
Against the dying of the day, And you
Stay, implemented ways charm and
You behold myself whole. Who knew
The darkness could so easily dissipate?
Deviate from all I had known before, to
Lives in harmony once more, belle, vision,
One glance, brief, dissolves the frost, the
Fog, the endless dampening smog, and
The way is clear, there is no fear, and
I find my path again.


Poem © Phen Weston


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