Jay, A lizard by any other name.

*Not one of my best, I think, but I needed to vent over the loss of a true friend. It’s always amazing how much animals/pets can impact your world*


R.I.P Jay, the bearded dragon!


My heart shattered at your lost soul,

the empty shell still holds your smile,

but there is no flicker in those eyes,

no turn of the head as if to say

“God, what the fuck are you doing today?”

Just the remains of a friendship

that transcends species, removes death.

You were more my kin than most humans,

Who lived for life, crickets and blueberries.

But now, just a photo and an empty shell,

death comes to us all in turn, but some hearts

leave a mark bigger than the vessel 

that carried them.



Poem © Phen Weston 2015


6 thoughts on “Jay, A lizard by any other name.

Add yours

      1. The pain brought me to a new realization. I’m a dog person, and when my Sheba of 11 1/2 years died, I said “No more.” Their lives are too short. It hurts too bad. Then I thought, because their lives are short, they should be loved and cared for because they don’t have time to waste. So, I adopted another dog.

      2. Aww, I’m so sorry to hear of you loss. I love dogs too. I would have one now if my landlord allowed it. Dogs are such beautiful creatures. There are no animals at all like them. I’m glad to hear you got another though. Your old friend wouldn’t want it any other way. They give us such a precious gift in their short time.

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