Ten Seconds

I walked up the road,
sun charging between sense
as though warmth circumvented rainy days
for a lifetime of promise filled phase.

You walked down the road,
where light and beauty followed
within deceived realities picked apart
by the rising troubled memories.

Ten seconds it took to pass,
a lifetime of regrets converged.
Each accompanied by one hundred pounding beats per second,
drowning inside collapsed hearts
where nothing registered but haze
and prolapsed atonement.

Ten seconds clung to forgotten DNA,
that strange dishevelled dream
that slept away the hurt i cannot forgive,
but old hurt wasn’t in your hands,
just stripped and locked portraits
of all the tendons to my grave.

Your lips parted, but all that echoed
was the thud, thud, thud of all I did,
no strong fleeting emotions perceived
between the aeons that passed on by in your shadow,
words lost on the wind,
caring, scalding, ripping, forgiving?
I will wonder, but never know.

You walked on by in ten seconds
that changed the world and raised my dead,
my heart stopped again and summer fades away,
with each beat, beat, beat, you never gave…


4 thoughts on “Ten Seconds

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  1. Wow, this is truly touching. I was searching for a picture and followed it here. It’s sad and amazing how love comes and goes so easily when both people are tired of being hurt. But both remember the love.

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