1 Hour remaining, Times Up And A Life Update…

1 Hour Remaining…

Rush, flurry,
stifled truma comes,
moments forge
in bemused
haste from period propelled
occasions, phase soul.

Time’s Up…

We swim free
horizons, crashing
waves against
shores of time,
infinite energy wrapped
In serenity.

I was hoping to post these the other day, but life interrupted and they became postponed. It has been a crazy few weeks. I had an interview published in Exeposé (Exeter Uni’s student journal), heres the link, and i have a poem coming out in Ink Magazine Online (Plymouth Uni’s student journal)…Of course for the good there’s the bad… The bad news being one of my brothers was diagnosed with cancer not long ago. He was operated on a few days ago, but we are still waiting to see if all is now good or if it spread and he needs further treatment… I have to admit, mortality slaps you when you least expect it… I guess that’s life though. Luckily it is one with a high survival rates, and it was caught early.

Other news, only 2 months left at uni, 2 essays and a 3rd of my dissertation… Fingers crossed for a masters still though.


14 thoughts on “1 Hour remaining, Times Up And A Life Update…

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      1. That’s understandable with everything going on in your life. Keep pushing forward and you will break on through to the other side break on through… Sorry Jim was yelling in my head then… Everything will work out beautifully.

  1. Sending thoughts and prayers for your brother’s health.

    There are so many moments in life when time is up. I’m finding that more and more often lately. 114 days until I move back to the US, for example. So much to do. A time to figure out the real priorities. I’ll reread this during the next few weeks.

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