I saw you in those ghost of friendship and time removed,
Alive with fictitious recollection in haunting hours,
But nothing more than replacement parts in meagre minutes,
It wasn’t you, the man, the fake, the lie,
Who wore your jacket, your hair, your smile,
It wasn’t you, though, exactly how you move, your head,
Your arms, your stance, all that hollers
You were he and he you, but figments detachment,
A Doppelgänger of promises lost between the fading worlds
That once converged to bring upon us golden pleasures.

The replacement parts move with uncanny accuracy.

Believable lies that stroke senses,
Causing momentary realignment of ifs.
If it were you I would smack your friendship around the face
For breaking away and vanishing from reality,
Retreating into your paranoid madness where I could do nothing
To protect you, guide you, love you any longer.
If it were you I’d bring you close, making sure
You could not dissipate into ether for another time.
If it were you… Friendship wouldn’t be the fickle doom
Of fake acquaintances, claim, and pretence, todays two-faced
Propaganda for those only there when their needs are suited,
And not when days are met with nothing but our company.

Do you remember?
Those winding hours we sat and talked of nothing
On the twisting river banks? Watching our slowly turning planet
As it travelled through our reality of makeshift dreams,
The little words of brotherhood we wore between us.
Each fortune sought with harassed haemorrhages
That took, little by little, more from you than it ever should have seen.
The cliffs came down and filled the ocean with your pain,
And all I could do was watch the weight drown you
With no more hope than all those lies we told.

If you were he then your seasons changed and there you stand!
A man once more, strong and happy.
He walks away… And I still see only you.
Dressed in the finest doppelgänger suit.



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