Find My Light Among the Stars, A Eulogy

A college friend lost her cousin to cancer a few days ago and asked me if I could write a poem for her funeral. I hope the following does her justice.

R.I.P Sharon

The sky was dark that night,
As though heaven delivered from us
Each body that gave it meaning,
How many stars blink out of sight
Through the myriad of mourning?
Is there only one that holds your presence?

Broken-hearted memories take flight,
Between nebulae and black-holes,
In the pitch of abstract realisation,
That your once gracious light
Now comes from beyond the veil,
And heaven weeps upon us,

That next morning, when angels grieved,
I could not deceive myself
From your missing soul any longer,
I too cried for you, lost, weaved
Between the blanket of infinity,
Where your echo sings its requiem,

Singing, “I took my leave
Today from earthly habitation,
Living lament and mortal trepidation,
But here i am! Blazing like a newborn sun,
And please believe
That as celestial bodies revolve forever
My soul still burns bright with you,
Watching, loving, caring, always
Over you…”


Poem © Phen Weston 2015


11 thoughts on “Find My Light Among the Stars, A Eulogy

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  1. I realize this is a special piece, and so will my comment will remain according to that understanding, and of the life lost. This is a beautiful piece Phen, as surely as the one your wrote it for lived a beautiful life, and will be missed immensely…

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