Shattered Mirrors and Other Love Songs

By Christopher Rupley, Benjamin Grossman and Phen Weston

Talents aside,
years of schooling
and the punishments
that came with the ever-grueling
thought of failure,
we offer ourselves to
one another

And ID cards remind
me of my face,
although the mirror
mocks me daily,
telling me that I am
such a disgrace,
for what I believe,
yearn for,
and honestly
hope will kill my demons

What mistakes remain?
Fresh scars on our hearts,
those fickle loves
that trickle between
to make cascading rivers seem
the place to drown our sins,
each fresh romance
becomes the wilting bud,
but still we push,
try and crush,
to hold them,

And a few become
widowed dreams
attracting newer ones,
finding the cliff
easier to climb than
to fall off of
for the purse of pessimism
contains both
perfume of hope and
cosmetic optimism
all of which conceals
the image made by
the heated sand

This is part of a collaborative poetic effort between myself, Benjamin Grossman and Christopher Rupley. Be sure to check out their blogs and amazing words by clicking on their names!)

Poem © Phen Weston, Christopher Rupley and Benjamin Grossman 2015


4 thoughts on “Shattered Mirrors and Other Love Songs

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      1. Undoubtably so! But you did merit it,seeing as you are not so short of talent yourself!👏👏👏👏Bravo for you as well

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