Man Behind The Tarnished Curtain…

By Benjamin Grossman, Christopher Rupley
And Phen Weston

What is between the in-between?
What is over the over?
What is under the under?
What is after the after?

Destination manifests
conjuring a chorus of ifs-and-buts,
between the heliac helix,

Of toppled thoughts,
precepts reverberating,
smelted in the ore
of my mind,
pressed and hammered,
beaten and shaped into

An anorexic tomorrow,
a today that when leeched
bleeds weeping yesterdays,
leaping away from logic

Where esoteric divergence
becomes the hardened
sentiment of forgetting,
the apocalyptic self doubt,

And every thought that
steeps inside and out
leads me to
lean towards an absurdity
of consciousness,
to know that there is One
between the in-between,
over the over,
under the under,
and after the after
in my mind….

(This is part of a collaborative poetic effort between myself, Benjamin Grossman and Christopher Rupley. Be sure to check out their blogs and amazing words by clicking on their names!)

Poem © Phen Weston, Christopher Rupley and Benjamin Grossman 2015


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