As I passed our life on the road…

Hello you beautiful people.

So, I’ve recently moved house and have currently no internet connection. Well, we’re supposed to, but alas it keeps dying. Apparently we will have an engineer out next week. But until then I may be a little absent or slow to respond or catch up. I will be back soon though. Here is a little something for you in the mean time.

I hope you are all doing well too. Take care people.


As I passed our life on the road
Each twig becomes its own brittle form,
As dust they turn, one by one,
In memory of life’s lost love,
And aching bones crumble ghosts
Between the fraying mourn’ hours
Where spectres wait and dance, the flowers
Of deaths long amour absence,
I kissed you once
With all the time God made,
Hoping in each second we could stay
True to that which we both knew
Was nothing more than aching hues
Of moments that could never be
More than we could each faithlessly see,
Now, as mist settles against the ground
And no where love can be found
My soul searches like a hound of Baskervillian fate,
For that semblance of what it craves,
Wasted against those bitter days,
When youth became the lie,
Stolen by our downward pride,
Until that time it up-and-died,
Dishonesty became the deaths-head bride,
Trapped beneath her tomb,
Held to our presence, her womb,
Lost to each,

I passed our home
Along that winding road,
Those saffron stained dreams,
Thick with thickets and wounds unseen
Until we bled out among the trees,
Cold, we lay waiting, more than corpse,
Corse and creased, ceased
To fit into anything we hoped to see,
The memories of futures unachieved
Echo with distinct focus and energy,
As if their truth was all we knew
And ever held to reality, but blind
They were phantasms of what-could-have-been,
What we could have seen.
If blinding sheen
Had not determined those things to be
The darkness in our soul,
Lamented, rotten, cold,

Did I bless you
By ripping you apart?
Soaking you in tears and rage,
Decayed, forsaken, fears,

I know not now what hours pass
Between our truth and hurt,
How many mouthfuls of that tasteless dirt
Fill the void we burry our seeds in fruitfully,
But God knows, atonement
Is far from easy,
The shades that drown the dawn in decency,
Relentless of their meaning,
Replacement futures skim the skies,
What wings we had on clouded hopes
Pass our life on that lonely road…

Poem © Phen Weston 2015


6 thoughts on “As I passed our life on the road…

Add yours

    1. Thank you my friend. It went well, although lack of connection to the real wold needs to be fixed. This thing they call reality is a strange place compaired to the virtual :p I hope you are well too my friend 🙂

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