Untitled 9th Jan 2015

Embers burn
Strange hues
Reflecting purpose.
Lost within
Tumbling stars
That roam the universe
Until judgment,

Elemental prophecy,
Touched by ancient wings,
Once bowed
To arrogance and pride,
Woven shadows
That look to heaven,

Sinners before
Faith denied,
Amend the wrongs
When they leave eternity,
And God?
God looks on,
Turning wings to wax,

They know love
Won’t stand
Between kingdoms and crash,
Falling behind
Grace fulfilled,
Among the children
Of their king,

Broken wings,
Betrayals cost,
Repentance forgives
Each their sin,
Each fall from eden,
Flying between
The hands of God,

Where reaching
Only finds
Warmth denied…

Poem © Phen Weston 2015


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