Procession of Interlocking Intimacy

Conviction and conflagration,
Hearts burn with ambergris fragrance,
The apostrophe between lamented truths
That smells as sweet as candy apples
In autumns fallen carnivals,
We swept away their dedicated harmony
And she kissed with her forked tongue,
Steaming auburn, fatal hazel,
Yet, it wasn’t the rushing jeremiad
Of broken romances, sewn to souls
Across the turning surface of times face,
But, the melancholy meanderings of another day,
The hopeful hopelessness
Of velocity against the fabricated fray,
The fading light climbs the stage
As fortune tells of forgotten age,
Accents and accord,
Beneath the leaves that serenade,
Umber cataract of emotions stain,
Does love exist where illumination fades?
Intimate moments wait, in peace, for her,
Blessed to breach the night,
To kiss amongst the flashing lights,
Beneath the Ferris wheel, denied.


Poem © Phen Weston 2015


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