The Joys Of My Last Essay On Modernism (A Tanka)

Chrome fingers invade
Sanity, insidious
Defunct overthrown,
Hours tick down until the fall
And I cry at prolonged words…

Poem © Phen Weston 2014


12 thoughts on “The Joys Of My Last Essay On Modernism (A Tanka)

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  1. Brilliant. Hope you had a wonderful holidays and good start to your week! I just got your book a few days ago. It looks great and the words are fantastic as always. And thanks for the review on goodreads also, my friend!

    1. Hello Ben. thank you very much XD I hope you are well and your holidays are going beautifully. I hope you enjoy the book, thank you so much for buying it. I have to admit I got another copy of yours through Kindle Unlimited too. I really enjoyed it. It’s a very powerful story, disturbing at times, but I think that’s what the world needs. You hold nothing back XD I look forward to reading more from you my friend 🙂

      1. Thanks, Phen. Same to you. Thanks for the compliments. Hope to see much more of your writing as well and hope the University is treating you kindly. Happy New Year!

      2. You’re welcome my friend. I wish you the best New Year, filled with everything you are looking for in life. Out of curiousity, how far is Philadelphia from Boston?

      3. We are coming state side in September, a week around Boston, New York, Providence and then a week in Florida. Six hours is quite a trip. Was going to offer to buy you a pint ;p

      4. Yeah. it’s kinda far. That sounds like a nice trip you have planned. Well, I might be around that way for a road trip depending on how things plan out. You’re hitting some of the best places in the states. You’ve been before?

      5. I was born in Phoenix and my dad lives in Boston. I haven’t been over for about 14 years though. Been Boston before, but not the others. I also couldn’t come over without Visiting Lovecraft’s home. We would have loved to come over for longer, but unfortunately work and money don’t permit. It would be great to meet up if you were about 🙂

      6. Well, that’s cool. If it works out would be nice. I’ve been thinking about going up to Boston for awhile just not sure when. Maybe it will work out. Have a great New Years night!

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