Storia D’amore*

*I don’t speak Italian, so I apologies if it’s not quite right.*

Crysilise form remote pleasures,
The morning frost of wintertime
Collecting on the breath of contentment,

Dew drops turn fragile with warmth,
Forgetting their structure and scrutiny
When white wonder draws them to harmony,

She floats down the road of reflection,
Who saw those skies as only empty?
Life fills the air with repeated faith,

Eyes of lapis lazuli paste sincerity,
Locked against manifested azure bliss,
Il mio cuore batte solo per lei,**

She wonders where peace doesn’t tryst,
Heartbeat and frostbite cannot coexist
When resolution is bound in dawn,

And how I found her among the clouds,
The world turned with symbiosis,
Dreaming firmly between each tranquil star,

Enchanted unity governs the soul,
Siamo angeli con un’ala sola,
Solo restando abbracciati possiamo volare,

Transcendental lovers to infinity,
We hold requiem with fates empyrean arms
E vissero felici e contenti.****


* Love Story.
** My heart beats only for her.
*** We are angels with only one wing; only embracing each other are we able to fly.
**** And live happily ever after.

Poem © Phen Weston 2014


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    1. Ah, I’m glad to hear it’s right XD I wish I could really speak other languages, but alas it’s something I have never managed more than a few words or sentences. Take care my friend and have a beautiful New Year 🙂

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