Rest and Reconciliation (Or why I’m a terrible human being)

I feel
To my reaction
For knowing you’re gone,

That inside, all I felt was contentment
In realising I could
Walk down the street
Without fear
Of your violence
And abuse,

Am I unhinged or only human?

There is no grace
In your death,
No words to fill the void
Your vanishing has caused
Those who bleed
Silently for you,
Pain blends and maims
The broken,
Torn pieces of another jigsaw,

Our dislike ends
With the bitter-sweet,

Sorrow sums up tragedy,
Misfortune and heartache,
The trespassing murmurs
Of your addiction,
Uncontrolled bonds
Injected into heart,
Another of societies statistics,

And I am sorry,
And I hope you now find peace
Between the embers of the extinguished,
Where your burdens lift from your eyes
To new unknown enchantments,
Not the artificial static
Of slowly passing by,
Your end has come
And I hope in time you find
Your rest and reconciliation.

Poem © Phen Weston 2014

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