Tanka Tuesday #2

Compromise drowns me,
Contemplation of ghosts and
Perceptible hearts,
Are there days i’m not the fool?
Days we remained with promise?

Poem © Phen Weston 2014


7 thoughts on “Tanka Tuesday #2

Add yours

      1. I’m pretty good. I was sick for a while and then have been working a lot. I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus from writing, but hoping to find the right words again soon. It’s nice to see you still are working beyond excellence. I hope the month has started off well for you.

      2. I hope it wasn’t anything serious my friend. Glad to hear your mending though. I hope you find your words again soon too, I’ll keep checking in just in case. Thank you for the kind words, I always hold them in high regard when from you. This month is going well, busy busy with university. Looking at progressing to a Masters by research (funding permitting), already got my proposal in mind (Does that make me really sad? I haven’t even finished this one yet :P), also doing my first interview with a friend. Quite an interesting experience! But take care my friend. I look forward to catching up soon.

      3. This sounds good. Keep going as far as you want. You are talented and determined. I hope your studies treat you well. The holiday are approaching fast. You’ve inspired me to leave a few words here and there. Have a great evening! Keep trying new things.

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