A Winters Tale (A Katauta Challenge?)

*Although I write many Katauta poems (a traditional form of Waka), none of them are really complete. Traditionally Katauta’s are one half of an exchange between poets, friends, family, lovers. A melding of minds, beauty, ideas and form… So, if anyone would like, below is one that I have just written… I would be honoured for a reply. And in case you’re unaware, the structure is very similar to a haiku, 5-7-7. Thanks for reading*

Leaves yield in winter
Ephemeral souls stealing
Fondness for another year


28 thoughts on “A Winters Tale (A Katauta Challenge?)

Add yours

      1. Wow, I would be honoured to be XD I will have to email either tomorrow evening my time (or over the weekend), I’ve literally just got in from being at uni all day (it’s 11pm) and have to head back down here tomorrow as 7am for another full day!

      2. That’s great. No hurries or worries just email when you can. Thank you so much, Phen and have a great night. (My auto correct just changed your name to pheonix. Guess what your name is now!)

      1. It is your ability with words that honours me my friend. Thank you. Yes, everything here is great, although hectic at times. Thank you for asking. I hope your world is currently blessed and beautiful too 🙂

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