Where Harbour Frogs Serenade (Part III)

For anyone who missed part two, click here.



Were sky scapes bold
With Ashikaga’s strength?
Or Ginkaku-ji his only whim?

Silver and golden pavilions
Surpassed nothing, and poetry
Could not stop blood shed,

Private wars and skirmishes
Became the ungrateful minds of Daimyos,
Japan wept with crimson,

Deep within lilac and orchid hearts
Storms of regret cultivate waters reflection
Youthful wishes and child heir,

Stone eyed and broken hearted,
In lost grieving dreams
Did we find such wandering hopes,

In life he sought nothing
Where solace kissed his pain,
The White tiger to be,

And who could blame
Those with empty emotion
When Vermillion dreams haunt?

Our Hīrō lost, found a home
In sake and sword unbound,
Drinking away the ruby pain,


Until one day
Through circumstance
Inky skies bewitched the night,

And in betrayal, where
Embroiled jealousy raged,
Tearing families apart,

Dark days led assassins blades
To ambush in the dusk,
A place of drunken dreams,

Invited shadows subdued
And Stone Eyes stumbled,
Saving wounded lords,

The enemy of Yōkai Daimyo
Who gave the fallen samurai
A place among his home,

As eighty thousand men held
Their guarded hate, Stone Eyes
Contemplated chance,

Through the ranks he would rise
Until friend and lord held his hand
Like a brothers breast,

With eighty thousand swords of blood
To cut the Yōkai from its wounded
Infested hold on peace,


The hours grew grey
and old with malevolent death
And marvels stain,

Two great armies engulfed
Beauties kingdoms, tired, waiting city,
Oh! How Kyoto burned!

Smoke filled hearts
And blurred corrupt lines,
Destructions eminence,

What flames could hold back
The blanketed hate of raging fate?
Love ran into the wild,

Would a hero stand
For more than vengeful doom?
Where in dim light nothing blooms,

War slaughtered young, old akin
Beneath the azure eyes of ancestors
Mourning mankind’s sin,

What heaven was ablaze
To bring greed and fate
To forgotten passions?

Soon Stone Eyes and Yōkai Daimyo
Would slay the world with vermillion tears!
Could life outlast ferocious wills?

*To Be continued*

Poem © Phen Weston 2014


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