As I Closed My Eyes

Four white rabbits
Through emerald fields
Held to life’s cosmic dance.

The skies turned
To sharp, corrupt black,
Solar carrion departed.

Little precedence in death,
Did they hear the thunder
Or just feel the strike?

Poem © Phen Weston 2014


19 thoughts on “As I Closed My Eyes

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      1. Well, I was twelve years old and I was running across the street with my friend in a rain storm and it struck right at my feet and I saw a blinding light, felt extreme pain and heard an ear splitting noise. There was no damage done though. Maybe it struck right beside me? I saw it, heard it and felt it.

      2. Wow! That must have been terrifying! I saw a video of a man getting hit by lightening 3 times, he was fine, but it’s unbelievable to watch. You’re very lucky.

      3. If I told you all of my near death experiences I’m not sure if you would believe me. I’m lucky. Yes. Maybe.

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