To O.M., An Absent Friend

In all the old familiar places
The talking heads
Cast shadows on
Reflective memories
And misplaced faces.

I hope it could be you,
But, do you wonder
What life could have seen
To carve your name
In that saccharine sorrow?

Between realities
Became your only place.
When did your world fade
To nothing other than fractures
Walking wasted lands?

As though your story
Was written as a modernist novel,
Relinquished themes of
Mental illusions and scored lovers,
Torn friendship and broken souls.

Would you still be here today?
Between worlds?
The fragmented cautions
Of overt porcelain masks?
Your vizard mirrors dissimulation.

Was that my fault?
Brotherhood washed away
With times waves, I was not all
I thought I could be to you.
Protector, kin, sanity, guardian.

And now years
And distance has bewitched
Those dissolving discoloured hours,
Is memory untold turmoil?
You suffered, but, was it all alone?

Cracked and broken,
In life do you coexist?
The ghosts of time pass,
I wonder if I’ll see you again,
And if days can be reborn.

Poem © Phen Weston 2014



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