What Flavour Am I For You Today?

What flavour am I for you today?
Something sweet to pass away the hours?
Sometimes there’s so little of me to stray
And even less that seems like ours.

Can you see me through caliginous mists,
Little to late to watch how you undermine
The ancient moorland draining our tryst,
I watch as you up root the warning signs.

Into your mire I plunge,
Between the quicksands of your thoughts
That taste of muddy drowning lunge,
Becoming recognisable as haunting loss.

Entangled between your sickly narcotic
Whim, I struggle to peak your heart,
Before I’m lost to new fancies and hypnotic
Intimacy, your capricious eyes tear apart.

Fickle emotions make nostalgic shaded hue,
As now you pass me indifferently by,
Should I have expected more from you?
When arbitrary life seduces with your lies.

Poem © Phen Weston 2014


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