Desquamate Soul

The bridge spans transcendental time
Before the climatic proverbs merge
With floating embers of my heart,
All I wanted was to be in your world,
More than just white noise before
The endless chasms of concluded days,
Yet you never saw me, never felt me,
Never swam the waters in which we were
More than the mass of ruptured blizzards,
But each individual dream, each
Solitary unique snowflake held
Together by such undying drifts,
Could I ever be more in your eyes
Than the outside mirror of fractured
Ways? Driven slowly insane by loneliness,
This was supposed to be a better place,
But the hour ticks to almost midnight
And with new dawn, old sorrow manifests
As particles adrift on forgotten memory,
I see nothing, no friendship nor hate,
Just those endless indifferent miles,
Stretching out with defiling tranquility,
Along the bridge of transcendental time.

Poem © Phen Weston 2014


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