Purple ran with peacock flourishes
To the ground with ancient nourishment,
Majestic radiance shared solemn eyes
When casting fruition to guarded hearts,
I held her all night long, as though each second
Would shatter the clock face if circular life
Would turn to any other shape, provocative,
Transposed and transported interpretations,
I could never let her go, with clashing walls
And breaking waves, showers of telltale
Hearts beat below the surface of significance,
I loved her as a novel, not the separate pages
We seemed to be reading with solitary spirits,
But the whole story, beginning, middle and end!
What words need I lay before her loving feet
To match the distance growing between us?
I would walk each mile, each step, each line,
Held up by the grace of her prepossessing promise,
Efflorescence hopes did away with decadence
That long and perfect night… That night I held her
And loved her,
And if tomorrow’s distance
Grew to galaxies apart,
At least tonight we lay as lovers, beating and breathing
As one, she was with me, always with me,
Our moments as relative as dead Father Time,
And I’d… kill him her him again, again, again…
For a minute more
Of her ephemeral,

Poem © Phen Weston 2014

10 thoughts on “Secrets

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  1. Great poem Phen! I especially love the six last lines and the “less and less words” effect… yes, great work my friend!

  2. I enjoy your work immensely! May I have permission to re-blog this on your behalf? Have a beautiful and inspired day. Belinda Also, thank you for your kindness and likes on my simple posts. I appreciate that you read my work at all.

    1. Im honoured that you enjoy my work. Thank you very much. Im also very happy that you wish to reblog it, you’re more than welcome to. You are a talented writer and great photographer 🙂 i enjoy your blog greatly. I have to admit im terrible at commenting though 🙂

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