Do manmade gateways
Reflect conscious reform
Between falling spheres
And false circular society?
How did we cut all corners
When split seconds orbit
The parallels of inner peace,
Renouncing event horizons?

I saw your soul through
Movement and measure,
Convoluted and cultivated,
No god, nor devil hid within
The folding forms frozen
Into such elegant entity,
Just pure humanity as
Disconnected as free will,
What would you will if
I offered you my life to save?
Suffered and broken destiny?

Is there more that we can grasp
Among the hours of dusk?
But I see past your promises
And wilting form to forever.
Where you blossom
Amid the phasing, shifting stars
More magnificent and rich
Than the presumed immortal breath
Of fledgling gods… And in the end?

I see the cosmic stare
Of transient conformity,
Knowing that, blinked in and out,
Our species crawled from dawn
To that fly-by-night grace,
Free moving atoms
And elementary particles,
Floating on a whim,

Beyond subtle heart
And celestial understanding,
Beyond birth and death,
Beyond time and love,
To where?
To where you rest within my arms,
Hopeless sweethearts
Lost in time.

© Phen Weston 2014


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