Life Updated! (Dissertations)

The dissertation progresses
Every which way but loose,
And ten thousand words
Seems like a bookmark when
Three thousand already spread
With tentacles in every direction,
Missing the point or forming new?
How do you keep to where your going
When there’s so much to where you’ve been?
The reigns need tightening
Before Cthulhu bites off more
Than he can chew…
And Lovecraft knows
He can devour worlds!

© Phen Weston 2014


8 thoughts on “Life Updated! (Dissertations)

Add yours

    1. Thank you my friend 🙂 on the whole it is going well, but never having done a critical project so big before. I’m concerned that with all the research I’m doing I’m losing track of my original question, or not even sure if, when broken into chapters they’re what they should be… If that makes sense… I hope you are well my friend 🙂

      1. It makes sense. Better to know you are going astray now before you end. Make sure you’re always going toward your question, even if it is in some minor way. I’m not sure how much movement you have with your question, but perhaps your question is turning into another question within the question. I’m sure you’re in the right direction. Thanks. I can’t complain today, or at least I won’t.

      2. I agree. I think I’m just worried that my project is either to simple to explore enough or to broad and will appear weak. I’ve got a meeting coming up, so hopefully will get some answers then. I’m glad to hear you’re well. I hope the novel is progressing well 🙂

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