Words Written At Drake’s Place Gardens

(A long, tiring day. I promise I will catch up with you all tomorrow. But here are a few words for you before I sleep. Take care my friends)

Is tranquility that cascades
The man made waterfalls
Just as artificial?

Outside green symphony
Chaos reclaims poise,
Howling defunct romance,

Lectures crack weary soul,
Rider, whip and steed,
Little knowledge today,

Taken from peaceful shades,
Archaic leaves, their knowledge
Far surpassed, will I gain?

Autumns rich decay
Gusts life like dead cells,
Ripened daydreams flourish,

Nothing stands
Between the hive and earth
On indifferent Mondays,

For now I sit,
Refusal mounts to break
Tranquilities momentum,

Maybe tardiness is the choice
For days as fickle as this
Premature promises,

Image – Drake’s Place Gardens, Plymouth University

© Phen Weston 2014


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