Step-by-Step (Thoughts on 30/09/2014)

Inky hands draw a picture of dusk,
Corporeal definitions of mortality
That cascade down the sidewalks
Of times forgotten developments,
In the distance fleeting perception
Poisons convicts and conviction,
The drunk takes another swig of spite,
Who cares the warming pleasure
Is as fickle as politicians promises?
At least with drunks you know all they can be,
To consume you’re wine and spirit freely,
Tangibility ran the red lights again,
Speeding police of prominent personification,
Setting off the screeching alarms
Of physical apprehensions, to little to late
For drowning sorrow, the river bed
Tastes of all those things we cannot mention,
We sink our dead with our weighted bodies,
Deformed, demented, determination?
Who knew the scrambled subculture
We digress between the maturing lines
Of every lie we walk for our needs… Wants?
Consumed by fear is all we will ever know
They love to give us a show! False reality,
Step by step we give in to their games,
And I am just the same… Step by step.
Poem © Phen Weston 2014


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