Stalwart stems hold
Transcending sunflowers,
Simple tangibility denies
Pusillanimous conduct,
Do transformed emotions
Connect to sweet passions?

Vehemence of golden grains
Lead to complexity of centre,
Unique perfection in spiralling
Manifested magnificence,
Sweeping between forming
Intentions of subtle hands,

Theory and conjecture place
Such heavenly eyes as random
Points in passing existence,
Holiness softens souls
By that which I do not believe,
Creator or created?

Yet for each cosmic piece,
Jigsaw cells dancing down
The million aeons to this point,
Create unknown blinding fulfilment,
Doesn’t there have to be more
Than stray, erratic, nothing?

Natures blessings caress
Pure universal philosophies,
But what is beyond the present
When, with times strange kiss,
My jigsaw meets the sunflower?
And I share within its bliss.

Poem © Phen Weston 2014


2 thoughts on “Sunflowers

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  1. Very profound poem & question (last stanza…) I do love your “Transcending sunflowers” my friend! Have a nice Sunday and a beautiful week 🙂

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