Where Harbour Frogs Serenade (Part II)

For anyone who missed part one, click here.



Armies conquer peace,
Droplets, souls, and hate
Claim each fated passion,

Clear skies and bronze horizons,
With sensibility as grey as smoke
Heroic eyes turn to stone,

Dusks clouds raged
With the nimbus spectres
His desolation became,

In the place of harbour frogs
Daimyo boasted victories
Chilled the waters and ocean cliffs,

What hopes were there
In such misfortunes world,
Where tyranny reigned and drowned?

Watched through hard eyes
Vermillion lips, lost forever,
Lay as pale as the winter rose,

Bright fires and crescent moons
Swallow forsaken divinity
Into dragons breath and darkness,

Lasting springs, almost ivory,
Dies with tears of pestilence,
His world destroyed, lovers lost,


Among the twilight saga
Of coming Ōnin War
Fates twist on ancient winds,

A glint of smoke stirs
Into action, as lords of crimson
Provinces dance Muromachi days,

Monsoon leaves play their part
As loyalties divide the nation,
Father, brother, son and heir,

Lines drawn in subtle snow
Kyoto burns in heartache
Weeping into black night,

City skies bleed shogunate rage,
Such sacred liquid to bathe
In chaotic flaming dreams,

And as a running stream
Comes a warriors calling for
Eyes that turn to stone,

Revenge looks into the abyss,
As through the lonely sword,
Time hold, becoming carved in flesh,

Many silver crescent moons solidify
And evaporate the ghostly night
Between the stars of retribution,


Tengoku clouds watch the worlds
Tear themselves apart with copper cares
For the rite to rule over all men,

And in the darkness manipulating
Such legendary clans, devouring
Old gods through cursed vile hands,

Yōkai Daimyo laughs, armies waiting
For greedy golden flavour
To show his true might and power,

Kingdoms fall before his warring tribe
Like lost cascading peddles
Down perpetually sliding earth,

He tramples heaven
Beneath his ferocious stride,
Claiming all in ruthless victory,

Until, with skin as white
As Arabian sand, his conquered hime
Becomes his monstrous desire,

Her beauty as fresh as pressed linen,
Forcefully and coldly taken,
Forgotten was vermillion’s sorrow,

Master of all, little did Daimyo care,
Soon in distant soils, stone eyed byakko,
Inflamed and cardinal, would rise.

To be continued

Poem © Phen Weston 2014


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