The Rickety Man

Hello World.

I’m finally back from the big beautiful world! Well actually, I was back on Sunday evening, but yesterday was work followed by my first day of my third year at Uni, and after work and 4 hours commuting and a crazy amount of information I didn’t have the energy to come online. But I’m back now! I’ll make sure to reply to comments and catch up with all those blogs I’ve missed so much ASAP.

Take care and here’s a poem from Brussels, although the sadness of homelessness is worldwide.



The rickety man
Stood watchin’
The forensic persona
Of the vis’ble people,
Invis’ble to their world,
Dark etched skin
An’ matted dreadlocks,
Searchin’ out
Only for a friend,
But they don’t see ‘im,
‘e was born too late
To share Griffin’s fate,

Street performers
‘e loves to watch,
But they too
Look right past ‘im,
Except when ‘e starts
Dancin’, ‘oping
‘e moves on just as fast,
Before they too
Become see through,
Invis’ble people,

‘is cloths ‘ang raggedy
From ‘is raggedy frame,
A state of blame
That came wrapped
In long ‘ours of solitude,
‘e was somebody once,
Or was ‘e?
Memory melts
Between ‘arsh days
And swimmin’ dreams,
If ‘ed grown gills
The world would
Line up
To be ‘is friend!
Maybe ‘e ‘ad always been

The world don’t see ‘im
As ‘e stares at walls,
Or searches trash
For the minuscule
Meals to feed ‘is
Wrung out soul,
The withered music
Of broken hearts
And rickety bones
Rests between crack pipes
And syringes,
Or maybe ‘es just
A bin bag short of
Fulfilling ‘is picnic dream?

‘ampers and ‘ampered,
Is this a simile of soul?
To walk alone
Through darkness
Perpetual night,
Seen, but unseen,
Devoid and doomed,
Destroyed, inhuman,
Blind to brothers, sisters,
But boy! Do those
Vis’ble people see ‘im
When ‘e moves those
Rickety bones!

Poem © Phen Weston 2014

2 thoughts on “The Rickety Man

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    1. Thank you, you put it perfectly. It’s inspired by a man I saw walking through Brussels. I felt like I was the only one who did see him.

      Yes, thank you. We had an amazing times it is a beautiful, interesting country. The mix between Dutch and French is such a unique mix. I loved every second.

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