You Haunt Oncemore

I felt you within my world last night,
Your breath stimulating memories,
Reawakened madness between stasis,
Crawling thoughts warping, twitching,
As wraith like you caringly became
The consumer of faiths and flesh,
Morphing into the nightmare being I fear,

This was once beautiful, love, hope,
A future filled with such magnificence,
Existence waiting to be populated
With the ambitions of all the universe,
It died as coldly as you now haunt,
Ruin, torture, the opposition to life’s
Once sweet and gentle meanderings,

Soft death waits in lost shadows
For me to deliver myself to your touch,
Each night grotesquely haunted
By your everlasting beauty becomes to much,
Soon harrow impales any sense,
What monsters we create from memory!
The worst of fears to condemn us all,

Is there escape from our callous mind?
Until then I am misplaced within
Your doomed ethereal grasp,
Controlled by none other than myself.

Poem © Phen Weston 2014


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