Where Harbour Frogs Serenade (Part I)

Hello peeps.

I hope you like today’s poem. I wanted to let you all know that I will be away for the next 12 days, but I have plenty scheduled for you until I am back, just incase I can’t get online. I look forward to catching up with you all, reading your blogs and comments, on my return. I’m afraid part II won’t be one of those scheduled 😦

Take care ya’ll,



Kimono dreams pirouette,
Mapping out loves futures
Before concealed meanings,

Delicate threads paint
Pictures of astray lovers
And mountain springs,

Mystic dynasties relinquish heart
To the sapphire amelioration
Of the ancient babbling stream,

Summer skies rage oriental blue,
A quiet refuge in stormy days
For the one with heroic eyes,

Young saplings bloom strong,
Soft amour with a painted fan
And fiery vermilion lips,

She subdues all in beauty,
Humble and chasten,
Wherever her feet grace,

Heroic eyes and vermillion lips,
Passing through the Thunder Bay
Where harbour frogs serenade,

What destiny she wears
Against her fragile white skin,
He yearns inside, blushing cerise.


Daimyo stood, ruling over all,
Ruthless rouge and scarlet skies
Echoed his cruel authority,

Power as crimson as the kabuto
He wore, drenched and dried,
Dark sunset skies engulf,

His blazing perception
Demanded each object
The morning sky attained,

Vermillion lips pleased his lust
With her calm celestial soul,
Unknown to secret sweethearts,

Precipice reached waters edge,
Jealousy, hands soon turned,
With the Yōkai lord she’d lie,

Imperial sovereignty
Marched upon those
Sweeping promised fields,

For her seraphic melody
He would devour nations,
Tyranny touched to keep her,

Fates brushstrokes intersect
Across dusks hold, until
Divine hearts could only run.


Through empyrean fields
And summer ferns
Lovers fled to bamboo realms,

Between pebbled moss
And deep secluded hills
Sanctuary, tranquility, formed,

Sun shadows and pagodas
Met each new day with serenity,
Lovers lost in golden hush,

And what tenderness became
Each endless blooming hour,
Loves worship, their solitude,

Until mist flowers florescence
In dawns emerald light,
And imperial sovereignty arose,

Natures rest and destructions hand,
Heroic eyes and vermillion lips,
Yōkai betrayed earthly ardour,

If his lust was not fulfilled
Then between deaths shroud
Her haunting hold would lie,

Fallen leaves shamed the ground
When arrows claim dishonour,
Vermillion cascades blackened soft soil.

Poem © Phen Weston 2014

8 thoughts on “Where Harbour Frogs Serenade (Part I)

Add yours

  1. “Through empyrean fields
    And summer ferns
    Lovers fled to bamboo realms…”
    Beautiful serenade… that takes me to exotic places!
    I like your idea, writing a “suite” or “serie” of numeroted poems… it inspires me!
    I know you’re leaving, have a very nice (and insipring) trip my friend! Enjoy your time and take care 🙂

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