Thoughts (on the 29th Aug 2014)


I find myself between
The nightmare abyss
And the hues of truth,
What peace comes within
The lost perpetual walk,
Holding back
The spectres of all things
That bring swift sorrow,

Binding the bridges
To the Nevermore divide,
Little can be seen
In such pitch falls
When all I am is against
Their twisted walls,
Of fraudster worlds,
I don’t fit in
To the grand scheme,

I am not the drone,
The worker ant,
The hopeless, slaving away
For the greater god,
To the enclave of greed,
Tally my debt
Only to my own hands,
I will not piss away my dreams
Up the weekend walls,

Bars ‘n’ booze,
I live for more,
The creative resonance
Of life’s lush fields,
Devouring green gasping
At horizons golden smile,
To smell fresh winter wind,
Their touch against naked skin,
Warmth of heart and being,
Meaning, hopes, loves,

“The march of progress”
Moves to its ravenous war drum,
To control the given will,
To crush free thinkers, wayfarers,
Prophets, creators, dreamers
Into their parasite forgery…
I do not fit “the norm”,

Wearing the same face
As the next,
Day in, day out,
There is no segregation
To the purpose of life,
Through the crowded room
I stand alone,
Knowing, seeing,
The reimagining
Of the true light,
And what colours fill
My endless sight…
But do I stand alone?

Poem © Phen Weston 2014


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