Our Euphony, Sweet Perdition (Duet with Just Patty)

By Phen Weston and Just Patty

(I had lots of fun working with my new friend, the beautiful, fantastic Just Patty. If you don’t already know her check out her blog. I’ve linked it in below. I can’t wait to duet again. Go check her out ASAP ;p)


Do not adjust your set!

Downpour and domination

Muse the playful patterns

Of ecstasies sweet construct,

Synergy seduces and ensnares,

Hypnotized within You.


Dreaming demons conquer the night

Captivated and secure

Lullaby of stealthy destruction

Wrapped in soft delight

Temptation gets a hold of me

Losing myself within you


Ardent enticement lures

Each intensity, each moment,

Your melody steals attractions kiss,

The enduring heat convicts

Us to each other’s hold,

I feel you, close, soft, sensual,


Kiss you, hold you, drowning in you

Another fantasy, another dream

Your memory steals my sanity

Sweet suffering keeps me imprisoned

I feel you beneath my fingertips

Until you vanish and I lose my grip


Oblivion stands between us,

The abyss closes intimately,

No light, no sound, just

The empty corridors left behind

By the once, your absence engulfs,

Ripping, tearing, tormenting reason,


A distance I could never cross

I am stuck in an endless hurricane of

Swirling, unanswered feelings

Undying love and languish

Torn, shredded, crushing yearning

For something I will never have…


(This is part of a collaborative poetic effort between myself and Just Patty. Check out her beautiful blog, if you haven’t already – https://petitemagique.wordpress.com )

© Phen Weston 2014 & © Patty Van Delft 2014


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