Human Withdrawal

Hallways of the once
Come together, forming
The new world order,
Becomes the daily news,
The crumbling daily planet,
But there ain’t no superman
To stop the decaying orbit
Of shrinking individuals,
Will of the mass-protectorate,
The world becomes nothing new,
The singularity of mass-media,
All this has happened before
And will happen again,
Until we are enslaved
To our master of puppets,
Into the tiny spaces,
Between the cracks,
Masked as the other,
Doppelgängers transformed,
Magnificent butterfly to tormented moth,
Venus of the fly trap variety,
And we kiss the lips,
Tasting deaths stale respiration,
Who cares, who knows,
Doubling the doubt,
Moving with the times,
Times are no more,
The human fix
Long forgotten
We sleep forevermore.

Poem © Phen Weston 2014


2 thoughts on “Human Withdrawal

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  1. This poems lives in the land of perfection, my friend. I especially love the opening: “Deserted / Hallways of the once”. That is poetry at its finest, I think.

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