Unknown (Quote of the Week)

“After my first love. I built this suit of armor, so strong, so invulnerable. I came across you. Slowly my guard was let down. So vulnerable to pain and despair. A love so perfect, so beautiful, was the double edged sword. One side so sweet. So dull of worry. So full of love. The other so sharp of worry. So deadly with confusion. So overcome of aberrancy. They meet at the apex. The sword was the only thing, The only thing to pierce through the armor. Through the mind, the soul, the heart. The sword tears a hole. The sharpest of sides is numb to pain, The dull side brings a pain. A pain so excruciating, the pain unreal, the suffering so great. This side pierces the mind, the soul, the heart.. The wound lasting and irreparable. A pain never to leave. A pain that allows you to live but in turn, it kills the mind, the soul, the heart. A pain that may lie dormant, only to arise and hurt more than it ever did. But through all doubt and suffering, the love was worth the pain. The love so perfect so beautiful. Was worth the pain. Was worth the death of me. Was worth losing everything I ever had. Even if it was you that I lost.” -Unknown



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