Have You Seen The Writher Men?

In early eve, your voice cried to me,
Encasing endless sorrow,
Such grief calling through the night,
Depriving all tomorrow.

So I walked towards the oblivion gates
To pilfer your heart away,
And what incandescent dreams I gazed
In the darkness of that day.

I climbed up to the city doors,
Black iron engulfing light,
And from across my stunted vision
Stirred rotting, creeping blight.

Behind them stood the sinister realm,
The palace of forgotten woes,
What twilight hearts would I acquire
Through their unholy prose?

The swarm society manifests
Over dark decrepit walls,
In misplaced kingdoms by the sea
The misshapen nightmare calls.

Sanity fast departs dead stations
As cold bodies decompose,
When deep within the nowhere kingdom
The nowhere people rose.

Gigantic writhen monstrous fiends
Crawling out into the world,
And as they twitched towards my being
The universe unfurled.

I saw the beginning, I saw the end,
The dead terror in between,
I saw the desolate gods of the void
And I saw you, the wolfsbane queen.

Decaying sovereign of silent sin
The sick malignant horror,
Crawling beneath congested eyelids,
The elder gods earthly daughter!

How fast I fled from that frozen dead land
Seeking refuge in a godly hollow,
Knowing that from that kingdoms by the sea
The writher men surely follow.

Poem © Phen Weston 2014


3 thoughts on “Have You Seen The Writher Men?

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  1. Brilliant image: “twilight hearts”. I see a hint of dark fantasy here. This could be a entire novel idea: “When deep within the nowhere kingdom / The nowhere people rose.”

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