The Robin Williams Effect

(Rest in Peace Robin. He was one of my true childhood heros who taught me so much)

What words?
What words can take the place
Of childhood departing?
Moving quietly
To forgotten realms
Where we one day
Must all depart,
You, my friend, will never see
Because we remember he
Who taught us endearment
Through wit, humour, love,
Giving us uncountable
Untold smiles.
The boy
Who never grew up,
The cosmic comic genius,
There are no words
To fill the darkness
That comes when true stars
Blink out of nightly skies,
Leaving black holes
And memories,
But I must try
To honour you
Because inside
A childhood dies too,
One step further
From the kid who
Grew up worshiping you,
Loving you, and laughing
Because of you,
Each moment,
Your presence echoes!
You become a butterfly,
You flapped your wings
One last time
And around the world
We all cry
With your everlasting ripples,
How many of six billion souls
Could claim such a gift?
To shatter a world full of hearts
With sorrows sweet laugh,
And we laugh…
What else can we do
When our laughter
Sounds of you?
O captain, my captain,
We laugh for you.

Poem © Phen Weston 2014


14 thoughts on “The Robin Williams Effect

Add yours

    1. You’re very welcome my friend. He was a beautiful being, a heavenly star. It is heart breaking to look at a face, when it has given so much life. Watching the effect of the news spread across the world as each country woke to the news was a true testament to a magnificent soul.

  1. I had managed to hold it together until I read this… Truly heartfelt. Thank you, and may he find the happiness he brought to so many.

  2. simple, emotional and heartfelt tribute… ❤ sadness, respect and admiration… in 24h, 2 brilliant actors and wonderful human beings have left us: Robin and Lauren Bacall… RIP.

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