Beneath Their Skin

Blood stains mark
The marriage vows
As though cheap seats
Were all there was
To such a classy show,

A union of monarchs,
Tooth and claws crying
“I am the temptation,”
And every sentient mind
Weighed the glaring dance,

The grief of romance
Can destroy galaxies,
We see it everyday,
“Narcissistic ignorance
Makes a good bed for hate,”

Death said, as he waits,
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
For honeymooning lovers
To step their last tango,
Lust makes the devil blush,

And so the cull continues,
Emotive integrity, true freedom,
Vanishes into history fucks,
What do we become when
Our heart dissolves?

Monsters staring back
Into human shaped masks,
Ready for their hollow ball,
Let the band play it oh so loud
So they don’t hear the creaks

Poem © 2014 Phen Weston


8 thoughts on “Beneath Their Skin

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  1. Wow, these lines: ““Narcissistic ignorance / Makes a good bed for hate,”. I know the feeling here unfortunately. And this was great, great, great too: “Lust makes the devil blush,”

    1. Thank you very much 🙂 Once upon a time I dated the narcissistic queen. It sounds like you may have too. She seems to take many forms, but always feeds on the hearts of those who love her.

      1. Yeah, I did. But I probably didn’t really realize that she was a “narcissistic queen” until it was too late. I know what you mean about many forms. And once you don’t give them what they want it’s never the same. Another great post!

        This is a good blog to follow or check out on topics such as narcissism:

        Kimberly has great perspectives on many things.

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