Heart Shaped Chest

I talk so fondly of forgetting.

Each memory should have stayed
Locked in that heart shaped chest
you surgically extract them from.

Lockets made from lost emotions

Hold nothing, but haggard hopes,
Interlocked ardour seems fancy
At the time, but time goes by so slowly.

Do I hunger for your touch once more?

Fervour’s fickle, this is not desire,
Only remembrance of carefree times,
A reservoir of emotive occasions.

I talk so fondly of forgetting

That it is always on my mind,
I am so defined by its latch and chain
That the key is permanently placed.

Am I such a forget-me-not for you?

Poem © Phen Weston 2014


4 thoughts on “Heart Shaped Chest

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  1. Clever. Crafty. Well-formed. Great last line. Really, a collection of great lines. A fantastic poem. Not sure how you keep turning out amazing piece after amazing piece, but I’m sure you’ll continue. Have a great weekend!

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